Shop Local

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Last year, Future St. Stephen had a business gap analysis done to help determine what new businesses are needed in Town and hence what opportunities are available to interested entrepreneurs.  That study has been shared quite widely and a summary is available to anyone who wants a copy.  It is important to identify new opportunities, but it also points out how much of our money we spend in the community and how much we spend outside of it.  Some is spent outside the community by necessity – certain things simply are not available locally.  But that gap is closing and we need to support the folks who are taking a chance and trying to service our needs here.  Those new and existing business owners also own homes here, buy groceries here, rent or build business space, hire local people, contribute to local charities and recreational groups, and most importantly they are helping us grow as a community.  Sounds like a “Shop Local” appeal, and it is.  People are investing time and money in our community and they need our support.  5,000 people spending just $50 more locally per month is $3 million directly into our local economy.  That is significant.  As business owners we also have a responsibility to do what we are asking our customers to do – buy local.

New in Town – The new ANBL recreational marijuana store is under construction on Route #3 just beyond the #1 highway on the left.  It is scheduled for completion in early Summer.

Karen Ludwig is moving her office to 69 Milltown Blvd, the Old Bank building formerly occupied by ANR.  Karen needs the extra space for important work she is doing in a number of areas.  Keith Holmes who owns the building at 45 King St. is opening a party house – a new sign is up but watch for updates.

Cox Electronics on route 170 are now selling Ashley furniture.  We needed a local furniture store so please support them.

The Department of Justice and Public Safety is seeking volunteers

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The Department of Justice and Public Safety is seeking volunteers for the upcoming Court Support Volunteer Program, which will soon be operating in the Saint John and St. Stephen regions.  The program is designed to facilitate victim participation in the criminal court process. It will support children under the age of 18, as well as individuals with mental, intellectual or physical disabilities. The pilot will also assist victims based on the nature of the crime, such as victims of intimate partner violence or sexual assault.

We would greatly appreciate your assistance in spreading the word about this exciting volunteer opportunity to your network. Please find the electronic flyer attached.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact or (506) 444-5377.

Happy Trails to us

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A few weeks ago, there was an announcement about a trails link from St. Stephen to Saint John.  Why is that important to us?  First, it’s one more way to be outside and active, hiking and biking, and it’s good for your health.  From an economic development perspective, hiking and biking are major economic generators in Canada and the U.S.    Vacations are booked around trail systems, and there is an incredible network of promotional material bringing people to trail systems like the U.S. East Coast Greenway and the Trans Canada.  With that comes demand for hotels, food, local crafts, other recreational needs such as campsites.  So far, St. Stephen and Charlotte County are outside that network, and there is a tremendous opportunity to become the middle of it all.  We can be the final link in a trail system from Florida to Calais, and St. Johns to Vancouver Island.  Thousands of new tourists can pass through here – wanting to experience the local attractions.

New in Town

Harper’s Exotic Animals and Pet Supply store will be opening soon.  They are local folks who have a passion for exotic animals and will be offering pet food, toys, and other supplies for all pet types.

The local branch of Scotiabank had their official opening Jan. 15th of the complete renovation to the building – focusing on personal customer service.  This layout is the only one of its type in New Brunswick – a great vote of confidence in our local staff and management.