Masks mandatory at indoor public places in New Brunswick

By October 9, 2020 News
In response to yesterday’s announcement by Premier Higgs, masks are now mandatory upon entering the Garcelon Civic Center, and in all public areas and washrooms.
Masks may be removed in the following areas:
Aquatics: on the pool deck. Mandatory elsewhere, including changing rooms
Gym: may be removed once inside the gym area only. Mandatory travelling to and from the facility.
Arena: mandatory for all spectators at all times. Players may remove their masks only when ready to put on their helmets and must put their mask back on as soon as their helmet is removed.
Walking track: mandatory to and from the track, not mandatory when exercising on the track.
Conference rooms: mandatory at all times.
Thank you for your cooperation and as with everything Covid related, we will continue to monitor the situation and follow Province of New Brunswick regulations.