May 8, 2018

By May 8, 2018 July 27th, 2018 FSS

This week was the St. Stephen Middle School entrepreneur fair.  Having attended and also having a little involvement with the students this year, I can tell you the future is in good hands – at least in St. Stephen!  These students are not just creating and selling a product.  They are learning how to master their future.  The educators and local business folks supporting them are doing a tremendous job in helping the students understand not just how a business is started, but how to be happy in their future work life.  So many people dread going to work.  Others love it.  Entrepreneurs tend to fall predominantly in the latter group.  The important thing to remember is that you do not have to start or own your own business to be an entrepreneur.  The entrepreneurial spirit can be witnessed within larger companies by employees – people who believe that what they do every day makes a difference to the company and that they are responsible for that in some small or great way.

We hear that the future of the Province may well be rooted in entrepreneurship.  There are many examples of successes in Charlotte County – some one or two person small businesses and some very large global competitors who started right here.  The next one may well come from this group of students whether it is in the particular project they have chosen today, or whether it will be something totally different.  In any case, the life skills they are learning will be a tremendous asset for the future.  Thank you to the students for your energy.  Thank you to the educators and business folks who have helped out.  It is important.