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Check out Places to stay with beautiful Bed and Breakfast locations:

If you are looking for a place to stay, here is a selection of all the many wonderful places that you can rest at. Each Inn/Motel comes with their own particular hospitality and exclusive decor. Best of all, the nightly costs of each night are at a reasonable price!


Winsome Inn–


Saint Stephen Inn– Phone: 1 (506) 466-1814


Blair House Heritage Breakfast Inn–


Casa Breeze Inn–


Scoodic Motel–


Cove Corner Bed and Breakfast – “Comfort and Convenience: A newly renovated two-bedroom B&B in an 1883 heritage home”



Are you looking for something to eat? There are some great choices in The Middle of Everywhere, find them here!

If you are ever feeling hungry, you’re in luck. St. Stephen comes with a vast selection of restaurants varying with different themes. Whether you are looking to dine at a more luxurious place to eat, or for something on the go, your tastes can be satisfied. 

Carman’s Diner–

Something’s Brewing Cafe–

The Five Kings Brew Pub

Kelly’s on King Pub and Eatery–

Pita Pit–

McNay’s White House–

Pizza Delight– 

Tim Hortons– Phone: 1 (506) 465-0180

A&W Restaurant-

Golden Chinese Restaurant–

Kings St. Take Out–

Dooly’s Billiard Room–

Greco Pizza Donair–

Subway Ltd– Phone:  1 (506) 465-8113


Burger King– Phone: 1 (506) 466-1841


Looking for something to do during your stay?

Feeling bored? No worries, there are plenty of activities and displays to gaze at while you are here. Enjoy this list of some of the many ways you can occupy yourself in Canada’s Chocolate Town.