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International Festival 2022 - Saturday Events (Canadian Side)

Saturday, August 6th:

9am CDN - Charlotte County's Strongest Man/Woman Competition at Garcelon Civic Center. Competitors and Volunteers to arrive at 8am CDN. Strongman Corp event with four weight classes: Men's Open, Men's Under 105kg, Women's Open, Women's Under 82kg. Five events: Max Weight Yoke, IRM Wagon Wheel Deadlift, Max Rep Log, Max Distance Carry, and Atlas Stone Ladder. On site canteen. Donations accepted on behalf of the St. Stephen Fire Department. Contact

9:30am-10:30am CDN - Yoga on the waterfront with Pivot Partner Wellness. Cost is $10/person. Suitable for all levels. All proceeds to go to the Charlotte County SPCA. Contact for details

11:00am CDN – Ultimate Adventure – Come join Nature’s Backpack Land-Based Learning Centre for the Ultimate Adventure; a Family Friendly event where you’ll look for clues around town to solve the mystery. For more information contact

International Homecoming Festival Beyond Borders Walk:

  • 9:45am CDN - Meeting point #1 at the Ganong Nature Park, 350 Todd's Point Rd. Depart by 10am to connect with second group of walkers at the SPCA
  • 12:30pm CDN - Meeting Point #2 at the SPCA Parking Lot, 112 Prince William St. Depart by 12:45pm to connect with third group of walkers at the Waterfront Shelter
  • 1:00pm CDN - Meeting Point #3 with Sparky the Fire Mascot at Shelter 3 on the St. Stephen Waterfront. Depart at 1:15pm to meet Mayor MacEachern at the wharf to continue walk to Ferry Point Crossing

10am-11am CDN - Group Jump Rope with Charlotte County Martial Arts at St. Stephen Wharf. Various activities and exercises will be performed using the traditional jump rope. "Fun and Fitness" is the focus. Athletic footwear recommended. Contact

7pm CDN - Paint a Chair Auction on the St. Stephen Waterfront. To enter a chair for the auction, contact Patty Anderson at 466-7700 ext 126 or pick up a form at the Garcelon Civic Center

7:30pm CDN - Full Circle concert on St. Stephen Waterfront