Covid-19 FAQs answered by Tourism, Heritage and Culture – Sports and Recreation Branch

By January 19, 2021 News

Want to know mandatory mask rules for offices?

Employees would be required to wear a mask in all common areas of a public building or office; such as lobbies, staircases, hallways, washrooms, and elevators, or otherwise when interacting with the public. In the workplace of a public building (e.g., workstations, office, cubicle), employees are not required to wear a mask if they are able to work 2 metres of each other and where they are not interacting with members of the public (patrons, customers, clients, general public). Review paragraph 15 of the Mandatory Order for detail.

Want to know the answers to some of the questions below?  See Covid-19-Frequently-Asked-Questions.pdf ( for more information!

  1. Where can I find information on GNB COVID-19 response?
  2. Is organized sport allowed?
  3. If an individual travelled outside of New Brunswick are they allowed to return to their organized sport activities in the yellow zone?
  4. If an individual travelled to a region in an orange Zone are they allowed to return to their organized sport activities in a yellow zone?
  5. If a child travels outside of New Brunswick for custodial agreements, is he/she allowed to participate in organized sport activities?
  6. What do I do if I find out a facility we were in or a team we played against had a positive case?
  7. What facilities and outdoor venues are allowed to open?
  8. Is there guidance available for the operation of outdoor rinks?
  9. Do municipalities, schools/ facility owners have the right to not open facilities even if the restrictions are lifted?
  10. How many participants are allowed in a facility or on an outdoor field for organized recreation and sport activities?
  11. Are organizations required to collect information on the participants that take part in their activities?
  12. What type of screening is required for our activities?
  13. Is my organization required to maintain 2m physical distancing measures during its activities?
  14. Is my organization allowed to group participants in “bubbles” where they wouldn’t need to maintain physical distancing?
  15. Is my organization allowed to have day camps?
  16. How does the mask policy impact organized sport and facility operators?
  17. Can face shields be worn instead of a face mask?
  18. If my activity can’t be done with physical distancing measures, can the participants just wear masks?
  19. Is there guidance available for facility owners on the use of locker/change rooms?
  20. Is there guidance available for facility owners on the use of showers?
  21. What are the physical distancing requirements for spectators in sports/rec venues?
  22. Is there additional guidance for sport/recreation facilities for the consumption of food and beverages?
  23. Is there any guidance available for facility owners for fitness activities?
  24. Can my organization host games?
  25. Can my organization host a tournament/ meet/ larger event?
  26. Can my organization travel to or host teams from other regions for competitions?
  27. Where can I find the COVID19 Operational Plan guide?
  28. Where can I find guidelines for workplaces?
  29. Where can I find posters/Fact sheets?
  30. Where can I find guidance documents and Risk Assessment Examples?
  31. Will COVID-19 affect my organization’s insurance coverage?
  32. Should my organization update its waivers / assumptions of risk (for minors) forms to include COVID-19?
  33. What organizations are required to have a COVID-19 Operational Plan?
  34. . Can a local club just adopt its’ Provincial Organization’s COVID19 Operational Plan?
  35. Will Government review and approve my COVID-19 Operational Plans?
  36. . Is there a mechanism for organizations to be able to access the COVID-19 Operational Plans from each of the facilities?
  37. If I rent an office, am I required to have a COVID-19 Operational Plan or is it a landlord’s Responsibility?
  38. Can my organizations hold an in-person meeting?
  39. If there is no opportunity for approval of my Operational Plan what will happen if there is a spot check and my plan doesn’t meet the requirements?
  40. Some of our coaches are self employed. Are they required to have their own operational plan?
  41. Where can I find more information about Employment Standards?
  42. Where can we purchase hand sanitizing or protective equipment?
  43. Where can I find a guide on cleaning and disinfection for COVID-19?
  44. Is there guidance available to determine how often a shared piece of equipment should be disinfected?
  45. Is there guidance on how to return/exchange/swap equipment safely?
  46. Who is responsible to provide hand cleaning stations / hand sanitizing dispensers? Facilities or user groups?
  47. What does my organization do if we find out that an employee, volunteer or participant has been exposed to someone infected with COVID-19?
  48. My program requires having volunteers with First Aid and CPR certificates, but first aid courses aren’t offered due to COVID-19 physical distancing measures. What do I do?
  49. Are all sport organizations expected to follow the same Public Health guidance addressed in this document?
  50. What are the current border restrictions? Our organization would like to hire a coach/facilitator from another Province for a clinic. Can he/she still come?
  51. Is there communication with the Education Dept to encourage them to open their recreation and sport facilities?

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