Future St. Stephen

Positive action to facilitate the revitalization and growth of the Town

New to Town?



In August 2015, a cross-section of St. Stephen residents met to discuss issues relating to the revitalization of the town. Since that Vision Summit, a group of leaders has met regularly to take the input from the meeting and turn it into the foundation of an action plan for the future of St. Stephen. The group, now calling itself ‘Future St. Stephen’, has identified four main target areas to focus on in the drive towards a vibrant, thriving town with a strong sense of civic, economic and social well-being:

  • Citizen attitude and engagement
    A united, positive outlook amongst local residents, with a willingness to participate in bettering the community for everyone.
  • Business support and development
    Creating an environment that is favourable to businesses, that will in turn thrive and create jobs.
  • Population growth
    Targeting young families, working professionals and active retirees to the area.
  • Community development
    Improving the area’s assets, including accommodations, attractions, leisure activities, events and beautification.

At a follow-up meeting, residents were invited to think of actionable strategies which could be implemented in each of these areas, and asked to identify which area they could contribute. It’s still early days for Future St. Stephen, but a tangible sense of hope, of collaboration and positive action are signs of great things to come. Click below for a vision of St. Stephen’s future that was written by a working group of Future St. Stephen, who together imagined what St. Stephen will be like in 2025.


Feel free to contact Kendall Kadatz at (506) 466-7737 or president@futureststephen.ca to learn more.