Garcelon Civic Center will be re-opening Wednesday, January 27th at 6am as Zone 2 moves back to Orange Phase

By January 25, 2021 News

The facility hours during the Orange phase are:

Monday-Friday 6am-9pm

Saturday/Sunday 8am-9pm


Summary of Orange Phase guidelines at the facility:

Swim lessons will still take place, as will Great Barrier Busters, but showers are not available during this phase.  PLEASE NOTE: only essential travel is recommended in orange phase – if you are in swim lessons and reside outside of zone 2, please contact or call 467-3030 x120 before coming to the facility.

Masks are mandatory in the entire facility, including on the walking track and in the fitness center.

Masks may only be removed in the aquatic center in the water and in the rink when helmets are on.

Arena spectators are limited to 1 individual per skater, plus any siblings 11 and under.

2m/6’ distance must be maintained at all times, even when seated, unless same household members.

Masks are required at all times in the parking lot of the facility and patrons must remain 2m/6’.


Facility Operational Plans – Orange Phase:

Aquatics Operational Plan -Orange Phase – Effective January 6, 2021

Walking Track Operational Plan – Orange – Effective January 6, 2021

Fitness Center COVID Plan – Orange – Effective January 6,

Conference Rooms Operational Plan – Orange Phase – Effective January 6, 2021

Arena Operational Plan – Orange Phase – Effective January 6, 2021