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BOIL WATER ORDER - Entire Municipal District Water Supply - UPDATE MARCH 16th

Public Notice

Update on Boil Water Order

Last night the Municipal District received an alarm from our automated system indicating an irregularity in our water supply.  As there was no way of knowing at that time how far down the system the effected water was before it triggered the alarm, and out of an abundance of caution for our citizens, an immediate mandatory boil water order was issued by the province.

After further analysis today, we can confirm that the effected water has recently passed through the reservoir and is just now hitting the town boundaries.  This means that until around 1:30pm today, the water has still been potable, and so if you drank water, brushed your teeth this morning, etc, the water was safe.

We are currently working on treating the water and pushing the contaminated water through the system and recommend our citizens plan for the order to remain in affect through the weekend. As such, it is expected the boil water order will remain in affect until Monday, March 20th, 2023 however if more contaminated water hits our system, this order may be extended. Updates will be provided on social media, our website and with media outlets as we receive them.

Public Notice