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PUBLIC NOTICE - Update on Oak Bay Fire Hall


As has been well publicized, a number of firefighting personnel from the Oak Bay Fire Department elected to tender their resignations effective March 24th, 2023. The CAO accepted these resignations as differences proved to be irreconcilable at this time. Fire response services will continue to be provided by the Municipal District Fire Service despite these staffing losses.


Upon learning of the pending resignations, Municipal District staff initiated an automatic aid protocol which results in co-response from the St. Stephen Fire (20 volunteers, 6 full-time firefighters) to any Oak Bay call out. These additional resources will support the fighters who continue to serve on the Oak Bay roster. Additionally, other mutual aid partners have been advised of the situation and have offered their support in the event of need.


Residents in areas serviced by the Oak Bay station can be assured that services are in place to ensure appropriate response in the event of need.