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St. Stephen Waterfront

Vic Thiessen


Vic Thiessen is a first time Councillor, elected in 2021.  He currently sits as the Chair of the Innovation and Technology Committee and is the Town's Strategic Priority Champion of Poverty Reduction.

Vic lived in the St. Stephen area between 1985 and 1997, during which time he chaired a couple of ecumenical committees and sat on the board of an NPO in Petitcodiac. Vic moved back to St. Stephen in the spring of 2019. Between 1997 and 2019, he sat on and chaired numerous boards and committees while also working as the director of three different non-profit organizations. 

Vic recently retired from his last position as a freelance writer for a consulting firm and is now eager to get more involved in the local community, having already attended a number of events. Vic loves living in St. Stephen and is dedicated to doing whatever he can to help the beautiful town of St. Stephen to flourish.