Work from Home!

Fibre op internet throughout town


Start a Business Here!

Lots of opportunities for new small businesses...

Small Businesses

St. Stephen is an ideal location for small independent businesses or franchises. We actively support new business owners with training & access to finance.

Remote Workers

St. Stephen is ideal for remote workers who can work from home, with our border location, major highways and fibre op internet.

Larger Businesses

The town is also an ideal location to establish a larger business, with a business park directly serviced by rail, a nearby port connected to major highways.

Reasons to start your small business here:


The cost of living is low compared to elsewhere in Canada but with access to ‘big city’ services and amenities such as a hospital, government offices, food superstores etc.  Average house price in St. Stephen is $109,000.


Lakes, rivers, trails, coastline, beaches, St. Stephen is one of the untapped beauties of New Brunswick. Get a better work-leisure balance in our beautiful rural setting.


Multiple sports programs with nationally recognized coaches in several sports, including wrestling, soccer and marksmanship. Work hard, play hard.


Easy access, via low-traffic highways to major cities such as Saint John, Fredericton and Bangor and their airports, via ports at Bayside and Saint John and even a rail link direct to our Business Park.


Unlike a city in which you can feel lonely, lost, disconnected and insignificant, St. Stephen is a perfect sized community where you bump into your friends as soon as you go outside your front door.


A great place to raise kids. Excellent schools with French Immersion option. Good childcare with a new indoor play centre. Caring, friendly, safe community.