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Ariel view of St. Stephen

Moving to St. Stephen

Move to your best life

St. Stephen is a wonderful place to live, work, play, and retire. The hub of Charlotte County, and right on the U.S. border, St. Stephen has everything you need. Affordable homes; sports and recreation; a beautiful coastal setting; places to shop and enjoy a coffee with friends; opportunities to study, grow a career and grow a family: it’s all at your doorstep. Downsize—or “town-size”, as we like to say—and enjoy life to the fullest.

Embrace being unhurried

You know how they say you should take time to smell the roses? Welcome to St. Stephen. Our residents don't have to struggle with long commutes, stressful traffic, and crowded places. We’re big enough to have everything you need, yet small enough for it to take less than five minutes to get there. From Chinese food to Canadian Tire, a brand new arena and indoor pool to a hospital, it’s all on your doorstep. No stress.

You can afford the good life

What you gain in lifestyle, you save in costs. No wonder a number of our residents have both a home in town and a cottage out of town. Town is small enough that many residents find it easy to walk or bike to work. And for those who do drive, the parking is usually free, and the gas you can buy in the U.S. for less. Yeah, your wallet will like living in St. Stephen too!

Safe and sound

One of the wonderful things about a town our size is that crime is low, so residents feel extremely safe. Our people know each other, and look out for each other.  You can explore your town with no concern other than what you might discover next. 

Connect to what matters

Imagine living on the Atlantic coast, with easy connections to three major cities with international airports. Pristine lakes, rivers, and ocean are a few minutes’ drive away—plus the coastal resort of St. Andrews. When you go grocery shopping or walk about town, you’re sure to run into people you know. And family and friends always enjoy time together at the town arena and pool. People. Places. Family. Move to St. Stephen, and you’re better connected to it all.

The kids are gonna be all right

The town has two outstanding elementary schools, one with a popular French immersion program, a middle school and high school. There’s also St. Stephen’s University—proudly Canada’s smallest—and two community colleges nearby. Plus, you’ll find excellent preschools, day care and after school care, and a popular Boys & Girls Club. Kids are covered.

Ready to make the move?

Our friendly people are ready to welcome you. And we have many realtors who’d love to help out.