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Ariel view of St. Stephen


We’re all going to depend on the judgement, intelligence, and common sense of the next generation of leaders. Well, with two elementary schools, a middle school, high school, and university, St. Stephen is doing its part to make sure our kids are as up to the task as they can be!

Milltown Elementary School (MES) 

With students from kindergarten to grade five, MES has an average student population of about 200 learners. Approximately 25 teachers and staff work together as a team to provide students with a high quality educational experience. MES is an english language school. 

Situated on the St. Croix River, the school is located almost exactly where the historic Cotton Mill sat for decades—a community focal point that many Milltown families have strong ties to. The school is a proud contributor to the Cotton Mill Monument on Milltown Blvd, an easy walk from the playground. 

The school mission statement—“MES: A Family of Learners”—is a promise the community lives up to daily, providing a safe and secure family environment in which children can pursue excellence. Current school improvement targets include increases in literacy and mathematics achievement, and increasing physical activity. They are also working with several local organizations to provide all of their students with access to breakfast, a nutritious lunch, and warm winter clothing and boots. 

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St. Stephen Elementary School (SSES) 

SSES offers an early French Immersion option for their students. The school has students in kindergarten to grade five, and a dedicated staff of 59 teachers, specialists, educational assistants and support staff.

The school is located just off King St. with a safe and secure kiss and drop location on Kings Court. It has a large playground for the children, as well as a soccer field and baseball diamond.  

The SSES vision is to “ensure, enrich, and celebrate the learning and growth of everyone towards becoming responsible global citizens”.

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St. Stephen Middle School (SSMS): Home of the Bobcats! 

SSMS offers English, early French Immersion, and Late French Immersion (grade 6 entry) programs, and
a dedicated staff of 41 work together to help students achieve success. SSMS encourages its students to participate in a wide variety of activities during their daily After School Activity Program, which includes options such as Bobcat TV, music, theatre, art, and a wide variety of sports.

SSMS is located on School St., with entrances on both School St. and Marks St. The school completed renovations on their 553 seat theatre in 2019, which also included renovations on the current washrooms, installation of a wheelchair accessible washroom, replacement of the curtains and acoustic panels, and upgraded theatre technology.  The theatre is home to many performances and presentations, including the SSMS bands and theatre groups, dance recitals, community meetings, and the St. Croix Theatre Company.

The SSMS mission statement is “the highest learning for your greatest future”, and they strive to be a school with high levels of learning where all achieve success: opening doors to future opportunities.

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St. Stephen High School (SSHS): Home of the Spartans! 

SSHS offers French Immersion classes in addition to a full English program. The school is also proud to take part in the International Students Program through Atlantic Education International, which brings students from around the world every year to SSHS to partake in the Canadian educational experience.

Located just on the edge of town, SSHS has a large property with a variety of sports fields and diamonds that are used by both the school and a number of community organizations. The school offers a huge variety of sports teams including football, softball, baseball, hockey, volleyball, basketball, soccer, rugby, cross country, track and field, and wrestling, with many regional and provincial banners adorning the halls yearly. They also offer a number of groups and clubs that are designed to encourage creativity and leadership, including Key Club, We Day, Green Club, Art Club, Tech Club, Spartan TV, and the phenomenal SSHS Drama Club (well known for high-caliber, sell-out shows). These school- and community-based activities are designed to encourage a sense of wellness and belonging.

The school’s motto of, “Learn…achieve…aspire. Tomorrow begins today.” inspires dedicated teachers and staff at SSHS every day.  

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St. Stephen’s University (SSU)  

SSU is, proudly, Canada’s smallest university. Located in the heart of St. Stephen overlooking the St. Croix River, SSU offers Liberal Arts degrees with travel study programs in both Europe and Asia. The main building is Park Hall, affectionately known locally as the “Big Yellow House”. Built at the turn of the 19th century by a wealthy shipbuilder, it houses the SSU residence, classrooms, offices, kitchen and dining room. Daily life together is at the core of the SSU experience, and those who graduate say that the SSU community life is what they miss most once they leave.

The mission of SSU is to prepare people, through academic, personal, and spiritual development, for a life of justice, beauty, and compassion, enabling a humble, creative engagement with their world.

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