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Future St. Stephen

With the right attitude, ideas, plan, and actions, the St. Stephen of tomorrow can be an even more rewarding and thriving place to live and do business. Future St. Stephen is a group of dedicated citizens who work diligently towards increasing the economic, aesthetic, civic, and social renaissance of the town they love. The group’s efforts are focused on four main target areas:

Citizen attitude and engagement

Encouraging a united, positive outlook among residents, and a willingness to help better the community for everyone.

Business support and development

Creating an environment that is favourable to businesses, that will in turn create jobs.

Population growth

Attracting young families, working professionals and active retirees to the area.

Community development

Improving the area’s accommodations, attractions, leisure activities, events, and aesthetics.

Actionable strategies that could be implemented in each of these areas are being developed, and citizens are being asked to identify the areas to which they could contribute. As the plans are put into action, a tangible sense of hope, collaboration, and positive action are already changing town for the better. See the StStephen2025 document for a vision a vision of St. Stephen’s future that was written by a working group of Future St. Stephen, who together imagined what St. Stephen will be like in 2025.

For more information, contact Kendall Kadatz at (506) 466-7737 or