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St. Stephen Waterfront

Waste & Recycling

Residential curbside collection for St. Stephen residents happens every Tuesday. Enter your address here to see which Tuesdays are for garbage collection, and which are for recycling collection.

Please have your waste or recycling at the curb by 7:00 a.m. the morning of collection. For garbage, please use non-transparent plastic bags or garbage cans—no loose garbage please. For recycling collection, please use your blue recycling cart. If you do not have a blue cart, click here to request one.

The MDSS’s residential waste and recycling collection is provided by Southwest New Brunswick Service Commission (SNBSC). If you are a business owner, or require large amounts of waste or recycling to be removed, you will need to make your own arrangements for pick up. Recyclables are accepted at Hemlock Knoll Sanitary Landfill at no cost.

Where your garbage goes

Once your waste has been collected, it goes to the SNBSC facility at Hemlock Knoll Sanitary Landfill where it’s placed in a containment cell. Each cell can last up to three years. Unlike old-style “dumps”, which release leachate (rain and snow water) directly into the environment, the cell’s space is engineered to prevent leaching. Waste is formed into layers and then covered when the cell is full. Recyclables are also delivered to Hemlock Knoll Sanitary Landfill where they are processed.