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Ariel view of St. Stephen


When we envision the St. Stephen of tomorrow, and how we’ll get there, one of the key words that motivates us is “responsible”. 

We believe in the the responsible use of resources. This effort is one of the main ways we can work towards a smaller carbon footprint, and a more sustainable town overall. It’s why we encourage every resident to participate in our curbside recycling program, it’s why our planning encourages active transportation, and it’s why we value and care for the green spaces in and around town that allow residents to embrace the environment we all share.

We believe that a responsible town government is one that is open, accountable, and connected to the people it serves. We are constantly connecting with our community groups, schools and businesses. We share our plans and visions and ask for feedback through our council meetings, social media and public meetings. We evaluate the work that we do and review our bylaws and policies through self-assessment tools and strategies so we can understand ourselves and identify our strengths and weaknesses. 

We also believe a responsible approach to growth is by being less reactive and more proactive. We do this by introducing best practices throughout our departments, and by introducing realistic and specific goals in an appropriate timeframe. The areas that we are working to strengthen include environmental, social, and economic goals and values so St. Stephen becomes a leader within New Brunswick.