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St. Stephen Waterfront


Life in any city or town is as satisfying and rewarding as the services that support it. Some of these services are visible on a daily basis. Others are behind the scenes—but as critical as any to the smooth functioning of the municipality. In St. Stephen there are five different departments that work like a well-oiled machine to help maintain our quality of life. Each is staffed by a lot of talented people with a lot of different skills.

Chief Administrative Office

The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) provides organizational leadership to staff and oversees the corporate strategies that have been determined by Town Council. The CAO oversees the day-to-day operating of the Town of St. Stephen. 

Corporate Services

Our Corporate Services Department is responsible for administration, accounting, records management, and human resources. Duties include the preparation of financial statements including annual budgets and audit, accounting records, and financial transactions. 

Community Services

The Community Services department oversees our town’s parks and green spaces, sports fields, playgrounds, 1.8km of the waterfront trail, and the outdoor pool and splash pad. They also operate the $22 million-dollar Garcelon Civic Center. 

Infrastructure Operations (Public Works, Water & Utilities)

The Public Works Department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the town's water distribution system, sanitary sewer collection infrastructure, storm sewer infrastructure, and transportation street network.

Protective Services 

Protective Services includes the St. Stephen Fire Department (SSFD) and By-law Enforcement. Together, they address all matters relating to public safety and emergency preparedness, including the enforcement of municipal by-laws.