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Kids shooting hoops


The Kiwanis Skatepark is has a variety of obstacles of different difficulties, so it’s perfect for skaters, inline skaters, scooter riders, and bikers of almost any skill level. Located in the parking lot of St. Stephen’s former Border Arena on King Street, the $120,000 park features a mini half and quarter pipe plus flat rails. It also has new fencing and paving. 

The skatepark is open for use throughout the spring, summer and fall months, and it’s strongly recommended that all users wear protective equipment, especially a helmet. If you see any problems at the Kiwanis Skatepark, please report them to the town at 466-7700.

This project was funded by the Kiwanis Club of St. Stephen, the Municipal District of St. Stephen plus there was investment from the federal government which came through the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program and the provincial government, through the Regional Development Corporation.