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Ariel view of St. Stephen


The appeal of a community can be measured in so many ways. Restaurants, schools, swimming pools, hockey arenas, trails, places of worship, playgrounds—it all adds up to a vibrant community feeling. St. Stephen is a beautiful town built on tradition, natural beauty, and friendly neighbours. Our residents and visitors enjoy a community filled with recreational opportunities such as the Chocolate Museum and the Garcelon Civic Center, the St. Croix River, the waterfront trail, and so much more. Plus, we’re home to the oldest basketball court in the world! 

Our community is the “middle of everywhere”. Within a few hours of St. Stephen you could be shopping in Fredericton, Moncton, or St. John, visiting Boston to take in a Red Sox game, or catch a ferry to Deer Island, Grand Manan, or Nova Scotia. Our community is valuable for what’s within it…and also the opportunities that are so nearby. 

As we move into our 150th year in 2021, we invite you, residents and visitors, to join us in our celebrations. We have so much planned and welcome everyone to Canada’s Chocolate Town.