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St. Stephen Waterfront

Water and Sewer

The Municipal District of St. Stephen provides water, sewer, and storm sewer services for its residential and commercial properties. Both the Water and Sewer Utilities are operated under the Terms and Conditions set out in their Certificates of Approval to Operate issued by the Department of Environment under the Water Quality Regulation - Clean Environment Act.


Our approximately 2000 customers are serviced through a water lateral connection, a lateral shut off, and at least one water meter. Water meters are read—and customers are billed—four times per year. 

The Municipal District of St. Stephen pumps water from three wells located in a gravel aquifer which is part of the Dennis Stream Watershed. At the Maxwell Crossing Pumping Station, water is chlorinated and pumped to the 1 million gallon (US) reservoir on the Valley Road, from which it flows by gravity to St. Stephen. It is then distributed to our customers through 60km of water mains and a 1.5 million gallon (US) reservoir located at Todd Hill on Pleasant Street. Water mains are flushed twice a year. Fire protection is provided through 230 fire hydrants which are inspected and pumped at least once per year.

Sanitary sewer system 

St. Stephen maintains 43.9 km of sanitary sewers, 5.6 km of combined sewers, 3.4 km of force mains, and seven lift stations to bring waste water to our treatment plant off the Old Bay Road. Access to the sewer for cleaning is provided by 796 manholes. 

Storm Sewer 

Storm water is handled by 29 km of storm sewer mains with 344 catch basin manholes, 886 catch basins, and 288 storm manholes.