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St. Stephen-Calais Border Crossings

For as long as there’s been a St. Stephen, there have been bridges across the St. Croix River to Calais, Maine. As a border town, St. Stephen enjoys a close relationship with its sibling across the river, and visitors to both towns tend to explore what each has to offer. Residents of St. Stephen particularly enjoy the easy access to cheaper fuel!

From Milltown to Maine

Downtown St. Stephen and downtown Calais are practically one, connected by the Ferry Point Bridge. This border crossing—and the river—is the only thing dividing one downtown experience into two. So, how convenient is that? Visit one charming downtown…and get a second thrown in.

Two other bridges

Besides the Ferry Point Bridge, there are two crossing options nearby that are outside of the downtown areas. The Milltown International Bridge is another older crossing, and the St. Stephen 3rd Bridge is a newer crossing, southwest of downtown St. Stephen. But you only get the town experience on the Ferry Point!

The International Homecoming Festival 

This cross-border celebration invites family and friends to recognize the friendship between St. Stephen and Calais. During the festival, which began in 1973, these two communities become one, with a bustling street fair, children’s games and activities, concerts, craft shows, a parade that crosses the border, and so much more—culminating with a spectacular fireworks display.

Stop in on your way—each way!

Whether you’re an American visiting Canada, or a Canadian visiting the States, you’ll have two opportunities to experience everything St. Stephen has to offer. Add us to your itinerary, and make the journey part of the experience!