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Canada's Chocolate Town

No visit to St. Stephen can possibly be considered complete without experiencing the delights of everything Ganong. A factory, a museum, a park, a festival—chocolate is practically a part of the DNA of this town. St. Stephen has officially been named Canada’s Chocolate Town, and visitors continue to flock to town for a taste. Or ten!

A sweet history

In 1873 brothers James and Gilbert Ganong opened a grocery store in St. Stephen. When it almost failed, they added candy—then considered a rare specialty item—to the list of wares for sale, and it started flying off the shelves. So, they started to make their own candy to sell in the store. From this modest beginning, Ganong Bros. Ltd. grew dramatically, and by 1930 the company was a major corporation employing 700 people. It’s still a major employer in town.

Ganong Chocolatier Shop

The downtown Ganong Chocolatier is a place where you’ll discover many old-fashioned chocolate varieties that have been made for over half a century. Each is an exquisite masterpiece of the confectioner’s art. Rich milk caramel, chocolate truffles, peanut butter cups, delicious double-dipped cherries, the one and only Ganong Original Chicken Bones and many more! 

Chocolate Museum

Located in the historic Ganong candy factory, the Chocolate Museum offers an interactive way to learn about candy making. Explore the history of the Ganong family and the wonder of chocolate with hands-on exhibits, vintage chocolate boxes, and antique candy-making equipment and machines. You can even peek into the studio where Ganong’s famous hand dippers still craft chocolates the way they have for more than one hundred years.

Chocolate Fest

Chocolate Fest began in 1984 and is a unique celebration of chocolate. Today, locals and visitors alike enjoy the chocolate making, chocolate bar bingo, chocolate painting, chocolate pudding eating contests, treasure hunts, golf, swimming, dining, and so much more.