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Where to Eat

One of the wonderful things about exploring a pleasantly quaint town like St. Stephen is the discoveries you stumble into. The shops, the cafes, the restaurants. Take the time to wander downtown St. Stephen—and stop whenever the mood strikes.

Where to Eat

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Carman’s Diner

Diner 81 (Facebook)

Something’s Brewing Cafe

Something’s Brewing Cafe (Facebook)

The Five Kings Brew Pub

The Five Kings Brew Pub (Facebook)

Pita Pit -

Pizza Delight

Pizza Delight(Facebook)

Tim Hortons Phone: 1(506) 465-0180

Golden Chinese Restaurant

Subway Ltd– Phone:  1 (506) 465-8113


Burger King– Phone: 1 (506) 466-1841

Mr. Scoops Dairy Bar – 1 (506) 813-1005 (Open Seasonally March - November)


Milltown Market