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Ariel view of St. Stephen

Biking and Cycling

Whether you hop on your bike to get around town or just for the fun of it, St. Stephen is a great place for cycling. In the downtown area especially, car traffic is moving more slowly, so cyclists can easily, safely, and confidently ride along to do errands or get to work. If you and the family want a more leisurely ride, the town’s paths and parks have you covered. 

Explore by bike

Looking for cycle route ideas? Cycle the main road from the Garcelon Civic Center to the Milltown Border Crossing and you’ll cross multiple parks and green spaces along the way. Stop in Dover Hill park for a picnic by the water, then continue on down to the John E “Jake” Donahue Memorial Park at the Milltown border crossing for your next stop. Take a break, relax, and enjoy what small town living offers!

If a more rugged ride is what you’re after, bike along the waterfront trail beyond the Garcelon Civic Center, heading out toward Crocker Hill. Or bike over to Elm St. Nature Park and take the less beaten path. Also, there are countless new trails to explore in the many wooded areas that surround beautiful St. Stephen.

St. Stephen Bike Club

Want to learn more about cycling in St. Stephen? The St. Stephen Bike Club welcomes new riders any time during the season, and meets every Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm in the Guardian Drugs parking lot (weather permitting). Each ride averages 1.5 to 2 hours in length. Helmets mandatory. Bring water, and ID for US rides. The season runs from the first week of May to the end of September.