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St. Stephen Waterfront

Planning & Development

In life, the most impressive accomplishments are typically based on the most thoughtful plans. Likewise in town—St. Stephen’s economic, social, and physical development goals can only be achieved through strategic planning. Planning addresses and guides the development of land, conservation, cultural resources, facilities, infrastructure, services, transportation, and future growth. 

In St. Stephen, planning is an open process. That means it relies on public participation. It’s done with a view to promote the public interest and the community’s overall well-being. The Municipal District of St. Stephen uses planning by-laws to ensure the vision for the community becomes a reality. The Municipal Plan and Zoning are the primary by-laws that guide and direct the development of the town.

The Southwest New Brunswick Service Commission provides planning and development services to the Municipal District of St. Stephen. Their staff provide independent and professional planning advice and development approvals. Building permits are issued on the basis of compliance with the town’s planning by-laws. Applications for new building or developments in town are received directly by the Commission.



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